Onam Festival : Grand Carnival (10 days Celebration) of Kerala

Onam is a Harvest Festival which is celebrated in the land of the state called Kerala . Its the largest and most important festival of the Indian state of Kerala . The Grand Carnival of Onam is celebrated on the Malayalam month of Chingam every year on the mark of coming to the great King Mahabali’s house. 

Ten days of monsoon festival is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm with various festivals like special recipes, Vallamkali, Puli Kali and Banquet lunches. 


Pukalam is a traditional floral design art, which was built during the biggest festival of Onam. Various designs of flower carpet are made at the entrance to the house to welcome the great King Mahabali. Onam flower carpet competition is also organized by the people.

Onam Sadya

During Onam Sadya, to celebrate the festival of Onam, traditional Onam dishes are served on banana leaves for dinner. It includes grand banquets and a variety of dishes among 13-25 traditional recipes, such as rice, sambar, fish curry pickle, Papadam and payasam dessert. Onam’s dishes are very tasty and delicious.


Onappottan is a folk character only seen during the Onam festival season. This is a symbol of great King Mahabali who goes to every house to collect rice, clothes and bless.Onappottan wears a traditional dress with a face painted , a bell and umbrella in both hands with a crown. Follow to know more about Kerala’s famous traditional art forms.


Kaikottkali is the traditional dance of Kerala and on the occasion of Onam, the beautiful ritual performed during “Bhagwat Saptaham” is considered art. Kaikottkali is also known as Thiruvathirakali, it is the most popular folk dance and is performed only by married women and young maidens in traditional attire. Its unique feature and art makes it the most elegant dance. 

Vallam Kali

Vallam Kali or snake boat race is a traditional game of Kerala . It is the harvest festival is organized during Onam. Snake boat race has become one of the major tourist attractions in the last few years . It has been held at various places like Aranmula, Ashtamudi lake,Punnamada Lake, Kallada River and Kumarakom lake. Chundan Vallam’s traditional long boat race is the main event and the Nehru Trophy boat race is the most popular Vallam Kali in the Punanamada lake of Alappuzha.

Puli Kali

Puli Kali or Tiger Dance is the form of rural folk art dance on the fourth day of Onam festival. Artists performs the tigers dance in the streets by painted like tigers and hunters on beats of instruments. Puli Kali is one of the major attractions of Onam festivities and Swaraj Round, Thrissur is best place to see this traditional dance.

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